Basic Domestic Feline Facts To Know Before Owning One

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Domesticated felines, also known as cats are considered a great pet by many. Being of silent nature in general, habits such as curling up against humans seeking a gentle rub and being petted is also therapeutic to people. With a large number of people preferring cats to dogs, understanding its behavioural nature is crucial in providing the best care for the feline who also is considered to have nine lives. With a lifespan of nearly 20 years, the process having a long term relationship is dependant various aspects as detailed below in ensuring the care provided suits the furry pet.Neutering or Spaying – With the issue of strays within neighbourhoods increasing and being considered major complication, the process of neutering the felines are a common process completed at some stage by many. With pet enclosures Melbourne being a choice for many households, the issue of strays infesting various neighbourhoods in Australia was considered as acute during various timelines, with cat lovers progressing with personal funding to neuter the animals in order to control breeding and mitigate risks. The process being an important aspect is currently a common consideration at the time of pet selection for many households.Declawing – Whilst many argue the process of nail removal being drastic though essential in protecting various household items from being damaged, alternatives as regular clipping of nails allows the pet to continue with its regular activity with its frontline defence intact. 

Space & Accessories –

With general recommendation of a personal space being allocated within the house for the pet, an area within can be selected to add cat nets with inclusion of various accessories to suit and left undisturbed for usage by the furry animal. Accessories such as scratching posts are highly important to the animal in keeping its paws in the best condition. The activity can be encouraged with catnip sprinkled on the post. Personal space not referring to a specific room can be an area allocated within a household where minimal people access providing a go to area for the feline. The selected space should accommodate a litter box without the position being moved regularly in training the pet to use it. A routine based cleaning process is required to be adapted in ensuring a clean and healthy environment for usage.

Feeding & Grooming –

With the choice of raising a pet within the internal space and creating routines, feeding timelines are required to be regulated with schedules being implemented on a daily basis. Assistance from a qualified veterinarian is recommended in planning out feeding categories and timelines to ensure a healthy lifestyle is created for the pet. The process is crucial in prevention of illness and avoiding food items that could be dangerous for the health.With the furry felines adapting naturally to self grooming, the possibility of coughing of hairballs and fur being shed on furniture and the household being evident, brushing the cat is bound rid excess hair causing the complication. With the nature of the feline adapting to indoor living being high, securing external access and limiting its area also ensure its safety from larger animals or the possibility of contracting disease. With focus on having a lifelong, healthy and loyal companion, spending time regularly is recommended in creating the friendship which most guarantees to have rewards attached to be experienced.

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