Miniature Breeds As Home Pets

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Nowadays, many miniature breeds are sold as home pets as their sizes make them easy to manage and they can adjust well to small homes with less space. However, as breeding such sizes involve interbreeding and different techniques; there is much trial and error that is done by a breeder in order to get a miniature dog breed that has healthy physical traits. The toy dog varieties are made under sized in order to come up with teacup breeds. Such puppies are often born premature and they are delicate and can have health problems.

What is a teacup dog?
You might opt for English Staffy puppies in its miniature version or a teacup version which is a slang term for miniature breeds. The teacup breeds are different from toy breeds as the former are not born naturally and are bred or created by different breeding techniques. Often premature puppies are sold as teacup dogs for which reason, one needs to be careful. Others breed toy dogs that are small in order to create puppies that are smaller and can be sold as teacup dogs.

Characteristics of teacup breeds
Toy breeds that have tiny versions are usually bred to produce even smaller puppies and next generation which can actually fit into cups made for tea. Some breeds are healthy, especially when they are produced naturally. The lifespan of such puppies is similar to normal sized dogs as well. Toy breeds that are used to create teacup dogs are Pomeranians, Yorkshire terriers, poodles and others. At the time of picking up a teacup breed ensure that they are born to full term and have a normal weight range as it is standard for the breed.

These are parameters to look for in order to ensure that you are getting a teacup dog that is a healthy one.When you wish to choose a teacup dog or puppy, remember that such pets need a lot of attention. If they are small, they need to be trained and looked after all the time. Creating the right environment is necessary so that they do not hurt themselves from sharp objects or fall from heights which could be harmful to their limbs. Teacup dogs also tend to have more health problems than others. As a result, you might incur a large vet bill for such a pet. Such breeds might be harder to train as well. Hence, it is important that you keep these points in mind when you opt for a teacup dog as your pet.